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iHEAD Project & Collaboration Structure


Associated Research Groups & Projects

Research Group

Research Field

Research Area

Research Project

Bart Thomma

Plant-microbe Interactions



Stan Kopriva

Plant Metabolism



Nadine Töpfer

Metabolic Modelling



Ruben Garrido-Oter

Microbiota Analysis & Evolution



Christian Frezza

Metabolism & Immunity


Project 1: Chart the comprehensive metabolic rewiring of macrophages upon infection.

Hamid Kashkar

Animal-Microbe Interactions & Immunity


Project 2: Metabolic control of inflammation and infection induced by Gram-negative bacteria.

Filipe Cabreiro

Animal-Microbiota Interactions


Project 3: Survey and identify host-derived molecules that have regulatory roles on microbiomes.

Paul Schulze-Lefert

Plant-Microbe Interaction, Microbiota, Immunity & NLR Biology


Project 4: Interference of bacterial root microbiota with TIR-mediated plant immunometabolism.

Alga Zuccaro

Plant-Microme Interactions, Immunity & Microbiota


Project 5: Interference of fungal root microbiota with TIR-mediated plant immunometabolism.

Jane Parker

Plant-Microbe, Immunity & NLR Biology


Project 6: Discovery and characterization of TIR-generated infochemicals in dicots and monocots; unraveling clade and lineage-specific principles of TIR-protein immunity.

Stephanie Kath-Schorr

Chemical Modification of nucleotide based signaling molecules


Project 7: Determination of the immunostimulatory properties of modified nucleotide-based infochemicals for potential applications to plants and testing in animal systems provided by the consortium.

Elmar Behrmann

Structural Biochemistry


Project 8: Rational modification of infochemicals and mechanisms underlying choice between distinct nucleotide-based signaling pathways.